The Irish United States Alumni Association aims to be a substantial, active, useful and creative association of members who are committed to making significant and meaningful contributions to Ireland, the lives of its people and to one another.

By means of establishing a vibrant sustainable, influential and giving community of alumni, the mission of the IUSA is to mobilise and utilise the power, talents, experience and leadership of its alumni in order to make a beneficial contribution to Ireland as a whole. It seeks, in particular, to do this by:

– Fostering a sense of belonging to the Association;

– Communicating effectively with its alumni;

– Securing the participation of its alumni;

– Developing a program of alumni focused activities and events;

– Providing opportunities to contribute to Irish society;

– Providing a link between alumni and the U.S. Embassy;

– Promoting relationships between Ireland and the Unites States.


Our foundation in 2012: IUSA elect Board of Directors and agree on Strategic Plan for 2012-2014

Members of the Ireland United States Alumni Association (IUSA) gathered at the Inaugural Alumni Congress to elect the first board of directors of the Association. After agreeing Articles of Association, members voted in Prof. Paul O’Connor, Professor of Law at University College Dublin and Fulbright, Irish Institute and NATO Institute alumnus, as the first President of the Association. Along with eleven other members and two ex officio representatives of the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association and the Washington Ireland Program Alumni Network, the board will serve to lead the development of the Association as set out in the vision and mission statement and key objectives.

Following the elections, board member, Prof. Paul Donnelly presented the Strategic Plan for the IUSA for 2012 – 2014, clearly outlining the direction for the Association for the next three years.  The board will rely upon the active participation of its members to ensure full implementation of the plans.

Congress concluded by acknowledging the support of the Office of Alumni Affairs for the conference and congress, thanking WIP alumnus, Leah Yeung for reimagining and redesigning the IUSA website and inviting all to enjoy a celebration of the new Association.


IUSA Strategy Statement for 2018-19:

If you would like to read our Strategy Statement for 2018-19, please click here.


Articles of Association:

Seeking to build on the valuable experiences gained, ideas explored and knowledge acquired as participants in the many and varied exchange programmes sponsored by the United States and, further, by way of making a meaningful contribution to Ireland and its people and developing the warm and extensive links that exist between Ireland and the United States, the Ireland United States Alumni Association hereby approves and adopts these Articles of Association: Download IUSA Articles of Association