ENAM Conference 2023

Dublin, Ireland | 26th & 27th January 2023

ENAM Conference 2023

Join us in Dublin for the 2023 ENAM Conference at Dublin, Ireland. The IUSA is proud to host the international ENAM alumni and networks for the ENAM General Assembly. We are in the early days of development and will provide more information as the planning continues. 


Title: Our Energy Future in a World of Disinformation

Date: Thursday, 26th to the 27th January 2023



26th January 2023 – Westbury Hotel Dublin –

09:30 Arrival Registration Teas & Coffees

10:00 Welcome from IUSA & ENAM Chris MM Gordon

10:05 Introduction to ENAM Ms. Tonia Arahova

10:10 Address: Deputy Assistant Secretary Nicole Elkon

10:25 Panel Discussion

M.C. Ms. Shona Murray

Panel Discussion with Q&A

  • Mr. Don Moore
  • Ms. Tonia Arahova
  • Senator Mark Daly
  • Mr. Rory Harte

12:00 Lunch & Networking

14:30 ENAM General Assembly

17:00 IUSA Conference 


27th January 2023 – Trinity College Dublin –

09.30 Tea & Coffees

10.00 Welcome from IUSA President Chris Gordon

10.05 New ENAM Board of Directors

10.15 ENAM Strategy Breakout Groups

10.45 Feedback Session

11.30 Break

11.45 Our Energy Future in a World of Disinformation

12.00 ENAM Georgia Conference 2023  – EPAG

12.30 Feedback

12.45 Close

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Tour of Trinity College Dublin

19:30 ENAM Closing Dinner


Registration: Please email