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Annual Conference 2023

The IUSA conference took on 26th January 2023. We are delighted to continue the great relationship with Ireland and the US and network with those in the IUSA.

Emerging and Distinguished Leadership Award


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IUSA Awards are closed.

The IUSA Distinguished and Emerging Leader Awards are closed.

Who We are

The Ireland United States Alumni Association (IUSA) is a non-profit voluntary network of alumni of U.S. State Department exchange programmes, including participants of Fulbright Scholarships, International Visitor Leadership Programme, J1 and the Washington Ireland Programme. The IUSA promotes U.S.- Irish relations and develops the next generation of leaders in the U.S.-Irish relationship.  



Strong Network

The IUSA is built on a strong network. Set up in 2011, the network has grown accepting even more US – Ireland exchange programmes.


US - Ireland Relations

We want to help build on the learning of the shared experiences of IUSA members. We focus on the diversity and interaction with each cultural exchange programme through the work of the association.


Engaging Events

We build exciting and engaging events touching topics from politics to education, from sports to music and more in some of the most exclusive venues in Ireland.

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What’s Going on in the IUSA

IUSA ENAM Conference 2023

IUSA ENAM Conference 2023

The ‘Energy Security in a World of Disinformation’ Conference cohosted by the Ireland U.S. Alumni Association (IUSA) and European Network of Alumni Associations (ENAM) took place in Dublin on 26th and 27th of January 2023 in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin 2. 94...

IUSA Award Winners 2023

IUSA Award Winners 2023

The IUSA Distinguished and Emerging Leader Awards took place on 26th January 2023. The Emerging Leader Award 2023 goes to Dr. Amanda Drury while the Distinguished Leader Award goes to Mr. Fergus Finlay. The awards were sited by IUSA President Mr. Chris MM Gordon and...

IUSA Conference Tickets on Sale

IUSA Conference Tickets on Sale

IUSA Conference & Awards 26th January 2023 'Energy Security in a World of Disinformation' TICKETS ALMOST SOLD OUT With one week to go, we are almost at the point of being sold out for our Annual Conference & Awards Dinner for 2023! This year our conference...

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