From AEIF Newsletter:

Dear International Exchange Alumni Community,

Due to the lapse in U.S. government appropriations (the partial shutdown), the State Department’s Office of Alumni Affairs cannot post application materials and resources for the 2019 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) at this time.  Moreover, we will not launch AEIF until the U.S. government fully reopens.  As a result, the AEIF application period may be shorter than normal.

As soon as we are able, we will provide AEIF 2019 materials and updated deadlines by email and on our social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, and the International Exchange Alumni website.

In the meantime, we encourage you to develop your project ideas and begin sketching out your draft budgets.  You can use the templates provided on to create your proposal, and then cut and paste into the online platform when the official application period begins. Downloadable guides and other useful resources are available now on the AEIF Help Desk.

Please also log on to to make sure your profile is up to date.  If you don’t have an International Exchange Alumni account, request one at  Please direct your questions to us at or to the Alumni Coordinator at the Embassy or Consulate in your country.  Keep in mind that due to the partial shutdown, your Alumni Coordinator may not be able to respond to you right away.

Thank you for your interest in AEIF and your active participation in the International Exchange Alumni network!