Declan Dunne is the CEO of Sophia a national social organisation providing good quality, affordable housing, education and support services as well as a nurturing environment for over 300 people. He is an experienced General Manager with a private sector background. He built a business from inception, sold it to an American multi-national and worked for them as General Manager for Ireland. He was CEO of Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership for almost 10 years and served as a member of The National Education Welfare Board for 6 years and chaired its Audit Committee. He was a Director of the Ballymun Regeneration Board for 9 years and also chaired its Audit Committee. He was a member of the National Childcare Coordinating Committee at the Department of Children and Youth Affairs for 6 years and chaired the HSE Dublin North Central Child Protection Committee for 2 years. He chairs the Board of Management of the Holy Spirit Boys National School, the largest boy’s primary school in
Ballymun. He has been an invited speaker at OECD and other national conferences in Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, UK & Ireland. He participated in the Boston College Irish Institute’s ‘Accessing the Economy’ program in April 2008.