Day of Service 1Residents at the Lourdes Day Care Centre, Sean McDermott Street, came back to a nice surprise on Monday, September 23rd when they saw the transformation performed by over 30 volunteers at the weekend.  IUSA members, led by Derek Cleary, were joined by U.S. Embassy Staff and Youth Council members to provide over 150 hours of community service to the Centre to help clean up the outside of the building and give the interior a spring cleaning.  Working closely with the Director of the Centre, Bernie Pierce, volunteers were able to help give the Centre a small boost.  According to Pierce, ‘the reaction of the clients when they cam in on Monday was ‘WOW”.  They could really see the difference and were delighted to be chosen by the IUSA for this special project.

Day of Service 3The Day of Service was held in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s homecoming visit to Ireland as well as the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Corps Act.  The U.S. Embassy’s Management Officer gave a short presentation at the end of the day about Peace Corps and his own time in service in Morocco.

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