IUSA Day of Service with U.S. Embassy Dublin, the Embassy Youth Council and the Notre Dame Dublin Program.

A Christmas transformation took place on Saturday, December 6th at the Peter McVerry Homeless Youth Shelter as part of the IUSA’s Christmas Day of Service, which was also supported by U.S. Embassy Dublin, the Embassy Youth Council and the Notre Dame Dublin Program.  Over 80 volunteers gave of their time and talent at the weekend to transform the reception area of the shelter for the 32 youth residents to brighten up their Christmas experience.


Fr. Peter McVerry joined the effort at lunchtime and thanked the volunteers for their hard work and Christmas spirit, saying that the ‘hardest part of homelessness is knowing that nobody cares.’  He praised the efforts of the volunteers and reminded them that by participating in the event that they have shown the residents that someone cares about them this Christmas season.  Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy, Stuart Dwyer, spoke about the challenge in the United States with increasing homelessness among young people, but he congratulated Fr. McVerry on the great work of his Trust in tackling the problem here in Ireland.


Students from the University of Notre Dame Dublin Program created a beautiful mural at the back of the residence for the young people, aged 18 – 25 who use the service, to look at from their rooms.  A special thanks to IVLP alumnus and Director of the Localise Program, Derek Cleary, for organizing the effort with support from Cathy Quinn. If you wish to donate to this great cause this Christmas season, text ELFIE to 50300 to donate 4 euro to the Trust.

Thanks to Katie Keogh, Boston College Dublin and US Embassy Dublin for the images.