With just over 48 hours to go before the launch of #DouglassWeek 2023, we are thrilled to share the full schedule, including locations and links, FAQs, media mentions, and an opportunity to further the work of Frederick Douglass and other changemakers. We hope to see you on Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and….)!

  • More than 35 events throughout the week
  • Presenters include scholars, artists, performers, writers and more
  • Attend in-person in Rochester, NY, Cork, Ireland, or virtually around the globe
  • Most events are free to attend whether virtual or in-person
  • See our FAQs for answers to common questions!
#DouglassWeek Schedule

We are thrilled to share the full schedule of events taking place July 10-16, 2023, in celebration of #DouglassWeek.

The seven days of talks, walks, performances, and other activities that commemorate and continue the legacies of Frederick Douglass and other changemakers will be held in Rochester, NY, Cork, Ireland, and virtually around the globe. The events span multiple categories, including educational, historical, creative, and literary, and include in-person and virtual opportunities. No matter your interests, there’s something inspiring, empowering and enriching for everyone!

The button below will take you to the event schedule, locations, and the links for virtual participation. All virtual events will be accessible at the scheduled date/time through the link in the description for that event. We suggest bookmarking the schedule to return to it online each day.

#DouglassWeek Event Schedule
Advance Registration Links

While most events are open to everyone at no cost, the following events require advance registration as space is limited. You can register from the links below or from the links that are included in the schedule listings online.

Community Fun Run/Walk | July 12 | 6:30pm EDT | In person in Rochester | Free

2nd Cork Abolitionists Tour | July 13 | 12pm IRL | In person in Cork | Free

Harmonies of Freedom | July 15 | 7:30pm EDT | In person in Rochester | $

Wild Ones Salon | July 16 | 12pm IRL, 7am EDT | Virtual Live | Free

Media Mentions

#DouglassWeek is in the news!

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Further the Douglass’ Legacy

We are grateful to our sponsors and supporters, especially Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme, Cork City Council, and Kernoforto Productions. If you, too, are able to make a gift to help us further the work of Frederick Douglass and other changemakers, we welcome your support! #DouglassWeek and The Globe Lane Initiative events and projects are only possible because of your generosity. Thank you!
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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the #DouglassWeek team at info@douglassweek.org.
Wherever you may be around the world, we’re looking forward to seeing you for #DouglassWeek!