Galway Discusses FDI

Absolutely!  Alumni gathered on a blustery evening in Galway to discuss the trade and investment relationshipbetween Ireland and the United States.  Hosted by the College of Business at the NUI Galway, the discussion panel included an interactive keynote presentation by Mr. Brian Cotter, Government and Public Affairs Director at the American Chamber of Commerce on the published report ‘Built to Last’ (available for download at  Cotter focused on the increased inward investment by U.S. multinationals over the past 50 years of the American Chamber’s presence in Ireland, concluding that Ireland needs to remain focused on skills development, competitive taxation policies and the deepening of collaborative linkages. Dr. Stephen Anderson responded by outlining the role of the U.S. Embassy in representing U.S. interests in Ireland and Mr. Brian Thornton presented the key taxation issues central to the FDI argument.

The interactive presentations provided much ‘food for thought’ as the question and answer session focused on key aspects of the strategic relationship between the two countries, such as the role of higher education, political influence and the international workforce in Ireland.

The IUSA will continue their regional outreach with a further panel discussion in Cork in late March.