The Irish US Alumni Association took part in the ENAM conference in Cagliari, Italy on the 6th and 7th May 2022.

Chris MM Gordon, President of the Irish US Alumni Association and Julia Carmichael, Vice President of the Irish US Alumni Association were in representation.

Italian U.S. Alumni organisation, Amerigo,  organised speakers on the topics of  ‘Global Cooperation in a World of Disinformation’ in the T-Hotel venue in Sardinia. The conference was well attended and hosted a number of speakers including Prof. Nikos Panagiotou, President of DCN Global and associate Professor in School of Journalism Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Diego Ciulli, Head of Policy Google Italy; Prof. Paola Pisano, Professor Economics at University of Torino, Adviser to Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Italian Minister for Technological Innovation & Digitization and Dr. Gyorgy Kovacs, attorney-at-law, former Policy Officer at the European Commission, ENAM board of directors

The ENAM General Assembly took place on the 7th May 2022 in the same location with representatives from U.S. Alumni programmes across Europe. The meeting was chaired bythe ENAM board and allowed for free flow discussion on the set up and maintenance of a new governance structure for the organisation. Those in attendance agreed to terms as laid out in the bye-laws document with a view to additional scrutiny in upcoming ENAM sessions.

It was agreed that there will be follow up meetings for ENAM agreed throughout the coming years including an potential meetings organised for Kosovo and a confirmation of an ENAM conference in Ireland.

Report download: IUSA ENAM Conference Cagliari Report