From our friends in the Polish Alumni Fulbright Scholar Community

Ukraine is today a victim of a brutal aggression from the Russian Federation. People are dying, cities are being bombed, and the achievements of Ukrainian society, the outcome of the thirty years of effort of the society and the nation’s long history, are being destroyed. The invader is breaking the basic principles of international law and plunging Europe into a bloody conflict.

Ukraine is fighting alone not only for its own independence, but also to defend peace throughout Central and Eastern Europe. What is at stake is the values that are the warrant of world peace: the right to self-determination, democracy and the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedom of expression.

As Fulbright Foundation grantees, whose goal is to build trust between nations to prevent international conflict, we express our deep opposition to the Russian Federation’s assault on Ukraine. We believe that scholars, artists and educators have a special role in building and sustaining peace through the exchange of ideas and knowledge and the integration of academic communities.

We express our support to Colleagues from Ukrainian academic and cultural institutions. To the best of our ability, we will translate words into concrete actions. We believe that, despite this incomprehensible criminal attack, the values that unite us – the beauty of reason, the strength of human spirit and unconditional respect for others – will survive and prevail. We are with you.