Prof Sheryl Sorby keynoted the education seminar on the 9th December in St. Patricks College.

In association with ICS Skills, the seminar titled ‘Learning from the US; U.S Approaches to STEM education with Prof Sheryl Sorby, brought many of the IUSA members together to talk about STEM careers.

IUSA STEM EventThe IUSA Education event heard visiting Fulbright Scholar Sheryl Sorby explain the connection between 3D spatial visualisation and engagement with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and careers. She explained that lower scores in 3D spatial visualisation is linked to lower female participation in STEM careers.

However, Prof Sorby’s groundbreaking 3D spatial visualisation training adopted in third level institutions across the USA is informing Irish approaches to STEM. Prof Brian MacCraith President of DCU, and chair of the STEM Review Group spoke passionately about the importance of STEM education and the value placed by employers on skills such as problem solving.

Dr Therese Dooley a leading DCU expert chaired this engaging event. The many experts and leading academics from third level institutions and the Department of Education and Science were welcomed to the event by Daire Keogh President of St Patricks College, a college of DCU, who kindly hosted this IUSA event. Declan Dunne, Vice President of the IUSA spoke of the IUSA’s role in building and maintaining positive relationships and sharing experiences and learning between Ireland and the USA.